Morgandell Borzoi and Silken Windhounds
Morgandell Borzoi was founded in the seventies as a small hobby kennel dedicated to Borzoi.  Bill and Cyndi met at
the 1986 Nationals in Olympia Washington and so 20 years later when we both found ourselves single, it was
decided to pool our resources. Cyndi joined Bill and his Auburn Borzoi in the Sierra foothills in 2004. We are just a
hop over the hill from Reno.

The last Morgandell Borzoi litter was whelped in Washington before the move to California. Three of those,
CJ and
Kennedy amd Harmony came to California. The two girls have now traveled back to the state where they were

Silken Windhounds had already captured Cyndi's attention in 2003 after meeting a few of Chris Swilley's youngsters
in Minnesota. While they will not replace our love of Borzoi, they are here to stay.
William Hemby and Cyndi Dell
in the Sierra Foothills north of
Sacramento, CA
Orbit in the pasture  
March 2006
Resting in a Northern California field during a
coursing trial. Dave Mills pictured in the

to see a few more photos from that day click >
The horses hanging out by
the pond - June 2005
right or south of the pump house
Happy 7th Birthday Raisa!
March 18, 2013
Link to
Raisa's babies

sired by Karen & Michael Berry's
Guthrie on the link above.
Cyndi and the pack on
Christmas Day 2006

UKC welcomes the addition of the Silken Windhound as a recognized breed

For more information, contact Tanya Raab or Angie Smith

Kalamazoo MI, March 17, 2011 – The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce the recognition of the Silken
Windhound, which originated in the United States, to our registry.

The Silken Windhound is small to medium-sized and is an intelligent hound of balanced character. While this
breed exhibits strong prey drive in the field they are gentle, affectionate and devoted companion animals. The
Silkens participate in a variety of dog events such as conformation, lure coursing, agility, obedience, flyball and
perform as therapy and service dogs.

UKC welcomes the Silken Windhound and its fanciers and look forward to seeing this exciting breed compete in
UKC events.  For complete details and information on the Silken Windhound, please visit the International
Silken Windhound Society’s official website at

Established in 1898, the United Kennel Club is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world,
registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. More than 60 percent of its 15,500 annually
licensed events are tests of hunting ability, training, and instinct. UNITED KENNEL CLUB prides itself on its
family-oriented, friendly, educational events. To find out more about registration and events, call or visit our
website. Phone: (269) 343-9020; Fax: (269) 343-7037;

Angela S. Smith
Vice President of Registration
United Kennel Club, Inc.®
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Real Dogs for Real People
Kristull Ermine of Morgandell
has had progress toward her GRC interupted again by
another litter. This time sired by her actual intended husband

BISS, ISWS, UKC Grand Champion

Puppies whelped on August 1st 2014
Photo by Dave Mills